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Protect your Business Documents and Securely Share information across users, dept’s and multiple locations.
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The Document Delivery Challenge – Some key problem areas:

  • Securely sharing information to multiple users and locations
  • Delivering documents within a tight SLA
  • Storing multiple file formats
  • Security issues and providing user audit reports
  • Accessing information 24 / 7 from any location
  • Traditional EDM solutions are complex and expensive

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The Solution:
Papertrail a highly secure on-line solution that keeps your data safe, gives you peace of mind and provides access to your documents 24 / 7, via standard web browsers.

Why use Papertrail

  • Highly secure & data available 24 / 7
  • No software or maintenance costs
  • Store a wide variety of Business Documents in various formats i.e. PDFs, TIFFs, Photos, Video, MS Office Documents, X-Rays and Print data
  • User permission levels give you the security you require
  • User can upload and index documents instantly via an encrypted channel
  • Controlled access for managers
    & supervisors
  • Full audit of activity and usage reports as standard
  • Document workflow is available
  • Integrates with ABBYY, Kofax
    and Anydoc
  • API WEB - allows you to integrate to your in-house systems
  • Secure UK ISO 27001 data centre
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Papertrail for...

    ...for HR and Payroll:

  • Payslips on-line
  • HR Employee Files
  • On-Boarding
  • Disciplinary Procedure

    ...for Finance:

  • Invoice approvals and store
  • Delivery notes
  • Controlled access
  • Electronically deliver your invoices

    ...for Retail:

  • 24/7 access to all distribution sites
  • Upload, index and share
  • Detailed user activity reports
  • Multi-client web portal available

    ...for Manufacturing:

  • Machine Documentation
  • Technical Specifications
  • Tracking and Audit
  • 24/ 7 global  access

    ...for Government:

  • Purchase through G-Cloud V
  • Store all documentation securely
  • Full user audit reports standard
  • In-house solutions available
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    ...for Police:

  • Purchase through G-Cloud V
  • Store Interview files securely
  • Share information to 3rd parties
  • Ideal for remote locations

    ...for Health:

  • Share X-Rays to external parties
  • No software license costs
  • Store multiple file formats
  • Purchase through G-Cloud V

    ...for Outsourcers:

  • Branded multi web client portal available
  • Upload documents instantly – you take control
  • Implement within 7 days
  • Integrates to ABBYY, Anydoc & Kofax

    ...for Bureaus:

  • Multi client infrastructure available
  • No license or maintenance costs
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Secure UK ISO 27001 data centre

    ...for Scan on Demand:

  • Upload requested documents instantly
  • Customers have access 24/7 – from any location
  • No software license charges
  • Detailed user audit reports


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Other Services

  • ABBYY Data Capture
  • ABBYY Invoice Processing
  • Paper Scanning
  • Fiche Conversion
  • Data Conversion
  • Secure Email Delivery
  • Print delivery software and in-house solutions available.

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